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1) Mobile dental x-ray unit
2) Wall mounted dental x-ray unit
3) Microprocessor controll
4) Accurate, fast
5) Low radiation


1) Mobile dental x-ray unit
2) Wall dental x-ray unit

Technical Specifications:

1) tube voltage: 60KV±10%
2) tube current: mA±20%
3) exposal time: 0.24.0s
4) input power: 600VA
5) output power: P≈339VA
6) irradiation diameter: 52mm
7) fuse: RF1-20- 5A
8) capacity: 60KV . mA .
9) the way of operation :breake load;continuous operation
10) the weigh of x-ray source:7.5Kg
11) the variation rate of high-voltage generator 1:226
12) manufactory:hangzhou wandong electrical Co.Ltd.
13) X-ray area:3.14x262(mm2)
14) The time of loading follows R10
15) up-down range of X-ray head: 400mm
16) forward-back range of X-ray head: 2000mm
17) level turning angle of head: 360°
18) rounding angle of head: 270°



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